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Is TVR Thunder Truly Back in The UK


The rumble of a classic TVR and it’s raw power as you eat up each road with pure driving pleasure. Humm so has this legendary motor enhanced the thrill of diving each time you turn the key? Being a British person the sense of pride and ownership of this ionic vehicle manufacturer is derived from being manufactured in the UK, just like the Italians are proud to produce Ferrari, the British are proud to produce TVR. The question is now that Les Edgar a businessman based in Dorking, Surrey owns the rights to the TVR name as well as the manufacturing rights to parts for existing cars. TVR looks well on its way to coming back home to the UK for good.

So what can we expect?

Will TVR pull out all the stops and show us something new?

And furthermore will this display outstanding British engineering from the Heart & soul

Keep Tuned to find out more as the TVR story unfolds.


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