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Driving Abroad – The Great Continental Adventure!!! See our Advice and Guidance

Driving Abroad – The Great Continental Adventure!!! See Europaspares Advice and Guidance driving in France.

From a well designed and plotted journey plan to drive your classic car abroad? Or off on a whim to see where you end up? here we will outline some things to consider for even the most organized driving planner or the disorganized adventurer!

Familiarize with European motoring laws or risk a kick in the wallet! see our tips below for diving in France.

  • If your caught speeding Over 60 kph by a French police officer be prepared to surrender your driving license!
  • French law also requires you to carry your very own breathalyser so there’s no excuses for exceeding the French drink drive limit of 50mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood now is there? But at least the French have postponed the on the spot fines for not having your breathalyser, for now anyway!
  • On the spot fines are taken seriously in France and officers have been known to take offenders to a cash machine, so make sure you get an official receipt to make sure you don’t get duped twice.
  • All cars must carry a reflective warning triangle and don’t forget a high viability vest for driver and passenger should you come into any difficulty on French roads make sure you put these on straight away to avoid fines.
  • Parking regulations in French towns or cities can result in your vehicle being towed away or impounded if you haven’t paid the piper so keep your whits about you to avoid a disaster.
  •  Stay legal with a spare set of bulbs
  • Speed camera detectors using your sat nav or other devices are against the French laws even if they’re switched off.
  • Children sitting in the front need to be at least 10 years old (baby’s upto 9 months old need to be in a rear facing child seat)

Don’t be deterred from your wonderful driving experience outside the UK and remember our own UK driving laws aren’t too dissimilar as long as you are aware of the latest driving regulations you can keep your journey as problem free as possible.




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