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How loud do you want your Cherry Bomb Exhaust?

Cherry Bomb- The louder the better? 

So, you like life loud, your car supercharged to a loud, exciting roar, and you like disturbing the peace, then the Cherry Bomb exhaust is for you, with lots of sharp popping sounds, it is all in the name.

Explode your car into that power look and get the most ultimate sound from the choice of performance Cherry bomb exhausts. Cherry Bomb mufflers allow you to choose your sound and airflow which is measured in cubic feet per minute-CFM. CFM is the rate the air flows through the exhaust system. Make your vehicle stand out to your attention with your choice of sound levels, these being on a sound scale factor of 8-2. Pro measuring at 8 being the loudest, and Turbo at 2 being the quietest.

 If you want more airflow running through your exhaust, then choose the Cherry Bomb Turbo. It has the lowest muffle air rate, which is measured at 290cfm, and the sound is at the lower end of the spectrum measuring 78.7 in decibels on 2000RPM. (Revs per min)

Whereas the PRO Cherry bomb is the highest in sound measuring 89.7 decibels but is second from the lowest within the table below at 470cfm, this is the rate the air flows through the exhaust system. The most interesting thing is that the Cherry bomb pro exhaust is designed with a sound level of 8 and measures 470cfm, which means it has been designed to be loud in sound and less in performance, but it is not great for long commutes.

 The Vortex Cherry Bomb has the highest CFM Rate (Cubic feet per minute airflow) and a sound level of 6, measuring 86.7 decibels so it is good for long commutes and has a brilliant level of sound.

 Cherry Bomb exhausts, originally designed for Hotrods and Muscle Cars between the 1960s- 1970s have maintained their loyal enthusiasts since their initial brand launch in 1968.

Its product line includes a wide selection of glass packs, performance, and turbo mufflers. These are all developed specifically to enhance the sound and performance of both vintage and contemporary muscle cars and light trucks.


The many varieties of Cherry Bomb Exhausts include Pro, Extreme, Vortex, Glass pack, and the Turbo. The Extreme has a two-pipe exhaust finish layout for that extra style. Design your desire for power and sound. You can even have one that tones down the sounds on long-distance driving.


The Handy Guide to the Cherry Bomb Exhaust: 

Cherry Bomb Exhaust

Sound level at 2000 RPM


CFM Cubic feet per min airflow













Glass Pack









NOTE: The evaluation on the decibels, along with CFM above has been tried and tested using one vehicle, size inlet/outlet, within an adequate controlled environment.

Your sound from each of these models may vary on your vehicle model and usually on several other factors:

  • muffler(s),
  • inlet/outlet size,
  • pipe size tooling used,
  • outlet position,
  • chosen tip,
  • and other sound-changing exhaust components.


The Cherry Bomb Exhaust range fits all different specifications of vehicles. We recommend the Cherry Bomb extreme for disturbing all the peace and quiet-bringing life to you and others around you. So, if you want your car to be the centre of attention and become a star of your show, get yourself a Cherry Bomb Exhaust and make your weekends wild. 


Cherry Bomb Exhaust Pro

Cherry Bomb Pro brings you less power but more sound to wake the neighbours, time to make them buy earmuffs. It is a true value welded muffler. The unique wing plate construction is 100% welded with a strong grey finish.

It has an airflow design that is truly top-notch and is non-reversible and comes in Standard body size and creates an explosion sound. The cherry Bomb Pro exhaust is a superb choice for trucks and cars. So, crank up the volume with less power and become king of your vicinity.




Cherry Bomb Extreme

Cherry bomb extreme is perfect for you! It has a strong wing plate, delivering the most aggressive roar to bring out the lion in you. We recommended them for race cars and off-road vehicles. It has a short body, Wing plate, 100% Welded and a Turned CFM design. It is encased in a Sumptuous red paint and delivers a super powerful aggressive sound, along with a massive 500 Cubic Feet per minute in airflow.



Cherry Bomb Vortex

Cherry bomb Vortex has the highest CFM in airflow as seen in the table above and is developed using fiberglass with a boisterous design to restrain the flow of liquid. It is uniquely reversible in installation which fits trucks, cars and SUVs. The cherry bomb Vortex has a patented air flow divided with a robust high-temperature glass. It has a wonderful grey finish and is reversible in design, for maximum installation, flexibility and is produced in a standard body size.




Cherry Bomb Glass Pack

Cherry Bomb Glass pack is a high-performance must-have with an incredible enduring horsepower, strongly maximizing the classic rumble and bark sounds for cars and trucks.

Decibel reaches a sound level of 4, incorporated with a 510cfm (cubic feet per minute airflow) but has lower sound, however, you will have more power from your machine! It has a straight-through design surrounded by a 100% welded construction with a splash of smooth classic Cherry Bomb paint.

The installation comes easy with its maximum installation flexibility, which is reversible in design. It has a round body size that looks a bit like a cylinder.




Cherry Bomb Exhaust Turbo

This Cherry bomb Turbo exhaust is the lowest in sound with a decibel of 78.7 but this reduces the backpressure to the engine and is available for both cars and trucks. Its reverse flow design provides a smooth 290CFM airflow. It has a small, standard construction to provide maximum installation and flexibility. Its solid mechanically locked construction creates an expert structure.




A little knowledge of where to put your cherry Bomb Exhaust:

1. An Exhaust Pipe                                                                                                                                                   

2. Cherry Bomb exhaust goes here


Exhaust system