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Cobra Hood Soft Top

Due to the complex nature of fitting a soft top hood to your Cobra we will always recommend that wherever possible you first try our approval hood.

This hood can be supplied for you to offer onto your Cobra and check its fitment suitability, once you are satisfied all is good then on return of the approval hood we will supply a new hood in the material that you have chosen.

The hoods that we supply are designed to fit the original body Cobra therefore over the years of supplying Cobra hoods and weather equipment there occasionally may be a fitment problem; this is down to a number of reasons.

1, The hood frame is fitted in a different position or different size to original design.

2, The body of the Cobra is wider than original.

3, The rake (angle) of the windscreen is more acute than intended.

In most cases our hoods fit like a glove but sometimes our hood will fit where it touches or can be made to fit if any of the above issues arise as long as you are aware of them.

Our hoods will be supplied with the female hood fasteners loose for self fitment unless requested different,this is to allow you to install them to match the male body fittings if already fitted or to allow you to start afresh with one in the rear centre position and then fitting 6 either side working your way to the door giving 13 total.

Brief fitting instructions to fit the Cobra soft top hood are once the hood frame is positioned drape the hood over the frame and tape loosely into position the rear of the hood to the bodywork, then drape the excess material over the windscreen frame pulling lightly to take out the slack, (if it’s a cold environment then a heater in the car or a warm day will make the material more supple) this will show you if the hood is a good fit or not. If you are happy then return the approval hood for the new one. Fit the male studs to the rear body of the Cobra and then attach the female fasteners to the hood to correspond, stretch the hood over the hood frame and onto the windscreen, the hood bows are slid into the top groove of the screen and are in 2 halves to allow easy fitment and for the hood to stow away when not in use. The hood bows have to be glued to the excess material with a high bond adhesive, the material wraps around and inside the hood bows helping to create a barrier, 2 x hood bow fasteners hold the hood and bow to the screen side pillars.

These instructions are intended as a guide only and your own common sense and capability will ensure a good fit. 

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