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Gold Heat Barrier

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Gold Heat Barrier 24" x 48" Self Adhesive Backing

  • New! Thermo-Tec Anodised Gold Heat Barrier New from Thermo-Tec, a high-tech heat barrier with a bright anodised gold finish. Anodising makes the aluminum foil finish stronger and more durable. The gold surface handles radiant temperatures up to 1000ºC and reflects 80% of radiant heat. The silica insulation side handles continuous temperatures up to 150ºC, with a strong adhesive backing for easy application.
  • The attractive gold surface is ideal for use on firewalls, under bonnets, exhaust & transmission tunnels, fibreglass & carbon fibre panels, or anywhere else heat protection is needed. The anodized gold looks great, is incredibly durable and protects surfaces from the damaging effects of radiant heat.
  • Offers the same protection and durability as heavy duty products, but with the flexibility and clearance of more lightweight materials.
  • Size Options
  • 13600 = 12" x 24" Roll
  • 13675 = 24" x 24" Roll
  • 13690 = 24" x 48" Roll