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History of the Motolita Steering Wheel



Do you know the MotoLita Steering Wheel range?

Moto-Lita Steering Wheels are a vintage British Classic made with the finest quality materials and engineered for that unique Classic British Motorsport look. They are precisely handmade for exceptional quality to preserve the living British Heritage history of the inventor Simon Green. The craftsmanship of these steering wheels has not changed since the 1950s and still requires blood- sweat tears to bring you the finest quality.
Moto-Lita has built steering wheels for many enthusiasts, motorsport legends, even produced for Stirling Moss, Austin Rover Group and Ac cobra (Bentley), Jaguar, Jenson, and some major some top major car manufactures such as Aston Martin, AC Cars, Austin Healey, Saab, Jaguar, Jensen, Rolls-Royce, and MG. They are first-class in hand British-Craftsmanship.
Since the late 1950s, these handcrafted wood and leather rim steering wheels have taken in classic cars and sports cars around the entire world. The Moto-Lita Steering Wheel development by car enthusiast Simon Green began 63 years ago. These stunning pieces of kit are now a treasure, a unique part of British History-still sought by MG, ASTON MARTIN, AND JAGUAR.




Where did it all begin? British History

The very first Moto-Lita Steering Wheel has developed 63 years ago. Would you believe it? By a young-talented apprentice, MotoLita's founder Simon Green.
Simon Green started his training for eightpence per hour within a well-established automotive company back in the 1950s. He was assigned to make Steering wheels at Cooper's and HWM car racing in the workshop with big husky working men with oiled, hard-working hands and plenty of machines roaring in the background as noisy as the Grand Prix.
Carefully Plotted on whiteboards were the customers' orders two-thirds of these were for the wood design element. It had varnished, wood/metal rooms with no machines The rims were Weld spoked, which included a deep rim option for the customer finished with a buff for that lovely shiny look and feel. He produced many for cars, including the Cobra GD types.
In the 1950's he saw a market for the first built MotoLita Steering Wheel, and he handcrafted one with his talented in-house, British Craftsmanship and sold two to the father of Sir Stirling Moss," Alfred Moss" with the assurance of Stirling, father of the professional formula one racing driver. Sir Stirling Moss was born on 17th September 1929 and sadly died at 90 on 12th April 2020. He was the first in Britain to win the 1955 British Grand Prix at Ain tree. He also won the
1961 German Grand Prix and is known as the Greatest driver who never became world champion. He was also an inductee to the motorsport hall of fame.




So just like that brand new pair of skinny jeans, the Moto-Lita Branding was out. The Mk1 performance began in a chicken shed, with an inspiring photo published to Autosport, and the MotoLita brand was born! Simon Green's first shop opened in 1959.
He produced a Moto-Lita Steering Wheel for Saab of Brunei from the hit tv comedy open all hours and Richard Hammond from Top Gear for the aero eight Morgan. These were designed for the Aston Martin DB4S, 5S TYPES, AND ACs until airbags become invented. Now the new margins are Cater ham which includes the Jaguar continuation XKSS E-Types.
Many more car manufactures spotted his talents in the coming months. He then had orders from Stirling Moss, Austin Rover Group. Ac cobra (Bentley) Jaguar, Jenson, Mercedes, and Roll Royce.
…63 years on, the wheels are now a unique, stylish, and outstanding part of British History. They are highly sought after by a variety of car manufacturers. Traditional Boss kits are now available too!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Simon Green's very first Moto-Lita Steering Wheel invention pictured below:





Why get on the famous MotoLita bandwagon today?

Simon's Green invention of the MotoLita brand is preserved, up until this very day, same style, same originality, some things never go out of fashion, exciting, classic, and stylish. The past is the classic, and if you think of your new pair of Chester Draws-Vintage is always strong, designed to perfection for strength and durability.
There are 260 variations, thousands of stitching choices with total originality, the smell that British quality is overpowering. Moto Lita Steering-wheels are still widely used a decade later. These are available for car builds, upgrades, and restorations. Mark Evans used a Moto Lita Steering Wheel on his MG to fully restore it.
Many of these wheels are still available today. Moto-Lita the Mark range Eagle four dished/ not dished, wood/leather, black/Silver spoke, variety of stitching on the E-type leather. These are handcrafted, finished, stitched, and vanished with some of the same dedicated staff and originality. The Derrington First class is handmade in-house like back at the beginning.
True classic quality never fades. These Steering wheels are a massive part of History, preserved and maintained to keep Simon's Green Moto-Lita Steering Wheel invention alive. It is a true gent, stunning, and a true asset to the classic car and motorsport world.
Touch that British quality, savor those British moments, and treasure them forever. Our assurance to you is our knowledge; Moto-Lita Steering wheels are designed to perfection.




Simon Green’s inventor MotoLita Steering Wheel famous images:


Mark-Four-Motolita-Steering-Wheel      Moto-Lita-Steering-Wheel-Cobra-Style   Moto-Lita-Mark-Five-Wood-Rim   Moto-Lita-Steering-Wheel-Leather-Rim

     Mark Four Leather Rim                           Mark Three MK3 Cobra Style                    Mark Five Mk5 Wood Rim                                 Eagle 3 Leather Rim