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Are Classic Cars Reliable? How to make your Classic Car more reliable

Any car, new or old, requires maintenance so that it is reliable. However, a classic car will require an extra bit of TLC to keep them running smoothly. We have listed a number of factors below that we believe are key to ensuring your classic car is more reliable.


Spark Plugs:

The key to properly igniting the air/fuel mixture flowing through your engine’s combustion chambers. A fresh set of Spark Plugs will ensure that your engine will run cleaner and more efficiently.



Original gauges will only last so long before they start to show inaccurate readings. Reliable gauges help you to identify any mechanical issues early.
If you aren’t able to upgrade the existing dash cluster, maybe consider installing some new gauges in another location so you can keep a close eye on your vehicle's performance readings. We have a variety of classic car instruments and gauges that not only perform great, but they look the part too!



For your car to be able to operate at its fullest potential it needs to be able to breathe. Dirty, clogged filters will reduce your fuel efficiency and create other issues like a rough idle. Ensure that you replace your filters often to enable your classic car to breathe.


Fuel Flow

Fuel filters are an inexpensive replacement, but can make a huge difference in overall performance.
Just like the air needs to flow freely, your fuel also needs the same freedom to flow. Replacing the Fuel Filter often will stop sediment building up and restricting the flow of fuel.


Cooling System

On a Classic water-cooled car, the cooling system consists of the radiator, water pump, thermostat, hoses, fan, belt, and heater core. Newer cars may augment or replace the belt-driven fan with an electrical fan, actuated by a relay and temperature sensor.

It is therefore important that all of these parts are replaced and upgraded when required to ensure your car isn’t overheating.


Ignition System

Many cars made in the mid 70s and beyond were created with a points ignition system. This will be designed to turn the coil on and off at the correct time. These systems require a continuous cleaning and adjustment routine to keep your car running smoothly.

The points can deteriorate over time and will need to be replaced. In order to make your classic car more reliable and improve its performance, you can convert to an electronic ignition. They are much more reliable, provide a much smoother start up and also provide better fuel efficiency.


How we can help

Most of these classic car upgrades are for enhanced safety, performance, and comfort. At Europa, we can provide you with all of the above parts, spare and accessories to ensure that your classic car runs smoothly.

We also have a number of products to improve the appearance of your classic car, from bucket seats and wood rim steering wheels, to classic badges and safety harnesses!

If you're a classic car owner and require our assistance, please get in touch today!