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15" Steering Wheel Grant Banjo Style Woodrim

In stock
£456.00 £380.00

15" Steering Wheel Grant Banjo Style Woodrim

  • The collectors edition Banjo 15" Steering Wheel, features a shiny stainless steel construction with a highly polished hub centre, whilst featuring a top-notch Grip made from hand-rubbed mahogany wood and 3 spoke design.
  • This Steering Wheel is made from a aluminum modular spoke design and has five polished stainless wires, anchored to the wheel rim, with a sculptured stainless steel spoke retainer. Includes a Machined billet trim ring and a spoke design of five polished stainless wires. This is the ultimate in customization for your classic machine to really keep the vintage alive within your car.
  • Summarised information;
  • 15" (14 3/4" )Diameter Color: Mahogany Spoke:Stainless Steel